Books by Mn. Joaquim Meseguer


Atraídos por Dios

Los clásicos Ejercicios Espirituales ignacianos bajo la guía de San Agustín

Spiritual exercises are an occasion to listen more closely to the divine voice: "listen to me, child, acquire knowledge and apply the heart to my words". (Eclo 16:23)

This manual of spiritual exercises is the result of the meditations, prayers and reflections of the author during several stays in the monastery of Poblet. We offer and share them with all those who want to use them, in their daily life or in the context of a long distance, to deepen the next of Christ, grow as children of God and reflect on the meaning of life . We also offer all those who want to use them as materials to prepare other spiritual exercises, retreats or talks.

The synthesis of two authors, Sant Agustí and Sant Ignasi, who have left a deeply personal and indelible mark on Christian spirituality and universal culture, make this book a work of special interest.

La sabiduría oculta

Encuentro con Dios y su palabra

In the Word of God there is a wisdom that gives meaning to human life and that opens the horizon of eternity in this world. However, it is a hidden wisdom, because we often have it deferred and we hardly remember it. This wisdom tells us that God lives in the deepest of our being (for we are his image and likeness) and he is more intimate and close to us than ourselves, in the words of St. Augustine. This book is intended to be an invitation to discover an obvious wisdom that men have hidden, an invitation to savor the knowledge and love of God and to be filled by Him so that His Word may enlighten and transform our lives; That is why it is also an invitation to make the daily reading of the Word of God become a habit.;


La Fuente de vida

Hallar en Cristo el sentido de la vida

The thirst is an annoying and overwhelming feeling, but it is also a means of defense against dehydration, by making us notice the need for water; Otherwise, without such a feeling, we would end up dying without noticing it. The thirst drives us to seek water to quench a vital need; all living beings tend towards water; The psalmist expresses it with beautiful words in one of the most beautiful poetic compositions in the Bible: "As long as it springs the currents of the waters, so longs for my soul, my God" (Psalm 42: 2).

In this work, everything related to water acquires a special significance: sources, lakes, seas, tanks, rivers are continents of that liquid element that is so important to maintain life on our planet, and at the same time they are similar or reflective of that other water no less important and absolutely necessary, this time for the spirit, as is the faith in Jesus Christ. These places are not only water carriers, but they are themselves the water they contain and transmit. Thus, when we say that "God is a source of life," we are saying that it is the very life that is given in abundance. As soon as his being, God is "living water"; As soon as he gives himself and communicates he is "spring" and "source."

God invites us to purify ourselves and to drink the water of life in communion with Him. Only in Him who has created us and has redeemed us for His Son Jesus Christ finds our human existence and our way through the world, always characterized by the search.

Mn. Joaquim Meseguer shares with us some of his personal experiences, acquired during the years of his pastoral ministry exercise.

Encuentro con Cristo

Una colección de 50 cuentos catequéticos sobre oración, sacramentos y vocación que hará un gran bien a jóvenes y adultos


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